With the increase in human activities, the earth is no longer how it was years back. The ecosystem has undergone extensive damage as a result of interference from humans living on land. Global warming has led to high global temperatures, that have harmed both man and animals. With high temperatures, water bodies have rapidly dried up, water being a source of life has slowly become a scarce resource. This has taken a big toll on marine life, which can’t survive under these tough conditions. Plants which are a source of food have dried up, making wildlife die from hunger in the process.

Green land forms have eventually turned

Green land forms have eventually turned into semi-arid lands, deserts cannot support any kind of life. Animals have been forced to migrate to wetlands in order to survive. According to researchers, marine organisms are slowly migrating to the poles because of the current high temperatures. The poles are believed to be the coldest parts of the earth with snow conditions, and only few animals survive there. With the high sunlight intensity, ice bergs in the poles have started melting, and in some years the ice lands will become an extinct part of history.

The Rapid Migration Of Animal Species O The Poles

The ozone layer’s depletion allows harmful ultra violet rays to reach the earth surface. Humans are now exposed to dangerous skin ailments such as cancer which is hard to cure. Global warming comes about because of greenhouse gases that are released to the air from burning of fossil fuels to get charcoal or industries that release effluents to the atmosphere. Vehicles that are driven by people also produce gases that are toxic and have resulted in accumulation of dust in the air. Human activities such as carrying oil tankers release oils into water bodies which block entry of oxygen into water resulting in aquatic life loss.

Due to the continuous migration of animal species, there will come a point where no game parks will exist globally. Animals are our heritage, they not only add aesthetic value but give meaning to life. All of us share the same habitat, and it’s up to every individual to care for these creatures, since they will be a representation to the upcoming generations. The poles seem safe for these animals, but very few can actually survive there due to the cold temperatures throughout the year. Aside from the vast waters near the poles, there are few plants in the area that could act as a source of food to these vulnerable creatures.