Animal cruelty that prevails in beef harvesting

When talking about animal cruelty, animal consumers may not want to admit the fact that cows are stupendously subjected to various kinds of harm. This is as a result of seeing to the harvesting of beef meat for daily consumption. Take it or leave it, it is of clear understanding that cruelty does occur when processing beef meats, due to the inhumane situations. Inhumane situations like slaughtering, branding, castration, weaning, culling among other maltreatment given to cows just for the sake of beef processing. Apart from not being a vegetarian, people should also understand the fact that animals deserve good treatment in terms of rearing them not the other way round. It indicates the fact that animals are worthy of happy life too not being subjected to any sort of horrible life worthless of living.

Many people, however, continue with the consumption of beef meat without having in minds the wretched life these cows are put into before these beef meats are gotten. These consumers and processors of these beef meats do not even show any kind of remorse feeling for the maltreatment that the cows are subjected to. For the fact that humanity has remorse feelings for humanity this also should be transferred on to animals as well. The truth of this matter is that beef cows are subjected to horrible lives, filled with grief, pain and suffering. Having this in mind, the question that should be ringing in the minds of consumers and processors of beef meats, can there be more cruelty that is greater than these incongruous ones?

The Life of a Beef Cow.

On an ideal note, cows can

Cows that are meant for beef production are separated from their mothers at a tender age, this is a kind of alienation imposed in both cows and their kids. Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries once revealed that in attaining the major priority when it comes to beef production. High reproduction of calves ought to be garnered in the society so that there can be high availability of beef meats. Implication of this is that calves are separated from their mothers around the age of seven to eight months of birth. Reason behind this is to give the mother cow time in regaining good condition after the weaning exercise period.

Life Span.

On an ideal note, cows can live up to twenty-five years, but the cases of beef cows are generally different. Between the age of one to three years of age beef cows are slaughtered for beef meats. In accordance with the statement issued by ASPCA, within the first six months of beef cows’ life, they spend their time in the pasture. The statement further reads that the only factory farmed animals that still spend some time outdoors are beef cows. Cows are understood to get up to a year after the period of six months being previously subjected to. These cows will now be moved to a feedlot in bringing them together with hundreds or thousands of other cows. At this stage, their diets will be changed to grain, which might lead to digestive issues of the cows, pain and sometimes death. Beef cows will remain here until they have reached the proper weight in which they will be slaughtered for beef meats.

An issue found common in this

Due to the exception to breeding cows, most of the cows that are designed to be become bred beef are not bred. In this case, they are spared with the pain of losing their kids to this insidious imposition of humanity.


An issue found common in this animal rearing is maltreatment of different kinds commonly imposed on these farm animals. The beef cows are usually subjected to various forms of improper treatments which should not be things to go by. Male calves are subjected to castrations to see to the improvement of their meets when matured for slaughter. These methodological means of castrating them are the surgical removal of the testicles with scalpel. Seeing to the damaging of the sperm cords using a clamp and preventing blood flow to the scrotum until testicles die and fall off. It does not matter what method being used, the pain goes for many days which rarely anybody can withstand and should not think of imposing.

Animal cruelty that prevails in beef harvesting

Aside castration, cows are being subjected to branding which happens to be another form of impropriety that the animal world has been subjected to. The iron used for the branding of these cows is of the highest or lowest temperature as it might appear. And this iron is pressed against the skin of the cows for some seconds subjecting them to severe pains. In both castration and branding, it has come to be understood that no pain reliefs are provided for these animals in both processes.


In about one year of life, anywhere from three years, the cows are sent to the slaughter to be killed for beef meats. According to the Humane Methods of Slaughter Acts, it is of the requirement that animals be rendered senseless to pain before they should be slaughtered. Method of seeing to the unconsciousness of the animals is through the forceful striking of the animals on the forehead. In this manner, the using of a bolt gun or properly placing electrical shocks on the animals are commonly used.

On a sad note, it has been of the investigation that many of these animals are still conscious after they have been killed.